New stuff

2007-08-28 12:55:09 by Next-Project

Well some updates, the short is completed as many of you may have noticed. Some of the voices got done for the pilot, finishing them up really soon. Then its on to stuff. Then animation, so on and so forth.

I hope many of you liked the short, I only made it because it's been taking forever to get these guys to do the voices for the pilot (busy schedules), and I wanted to just pop something out by myself. It's loosley based off a real story, The Bev really was passed out in the bathroom. Haha. Im thinking of making DVD like look to the short with some commentary and some extra stuff about it there.

The final pilot episode will be most likely done with a DVD menu and shit to it. I CANNOT wait to get this started! Hella sweet. Anyways here's a pic I just got done making of us, which came out great in my eyes.

That's about it for now, I think I've covered the basics up to this point! Enjoy the short!

New stuff


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2007-08-28 13:26:27

hell ya! can't wait to see the pilot