Addicts 2 Special...Its just a 'sneak peek' thing.

2008-11-25 21:00:22 by Next-Project

So anyone like the new look? Compared to the last one, which came out over a year ago...its been a long time coming.

The second episode is final...and about half way written. After two other scrapped episodes, were sticking to this one. No date exactly on when the final project will be done, but expect an early 2009 release.

As you may already tell, the new look is feeling good. Expect this one to be 20,000 times better than the pilot. Check out the Special if you haven't...its got some really interesting and kick ass things on it. So for now, I'll try and keep this updated as much as possible.

Addicts 2 Special...Its just a 'sneak peek' thing.


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2009-04-13 16:32:29

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