WOW! So it's been awhile. It feels good to be back on Newgrounds with a new submission! I have made some Addicts Cartoons in the past, but this one however should take the cake on all of them!

Check out the new and improved Addicts....with our first episode back entitled, "Jeep Junkies." It was made in about three weeks, from the start to finish. We had a blast making it, and we are already outlining new ones!

Check it out!


Addicts Cartoon: "Jeep Junkies!"


2009-04-13 16:36:52 by Next-Project

OHHH man. I kind of gotta kick outta this myself when I finally watched the final project. Now I know it's short and sweet, but it does have some interesting qualities. I hope it does well, keeps my animator 'ego' going as I slip right into the Pre-Production of Addicts-Last Call Everyone!

I came up with the the idea for this one while I was laying in my bed the other night. I figured I'd voice and animate it since I haven't done shit too much lately besides work on Addicts. No more "CB Productions." Nope. Now it is entitled, "Brostaff Studios". I plan to run a website as well, and hosting some shorts and well of course let it be the home of Addicts.

Hope you enjoy, and look forward to the new Addicts Cartoon due out later this year.

-Chris Broughton


So anyone like the new look? Compared to the last one, which came out over a year ago...its been a long time coming.

The second episode is final...and about half way written. After two other scrapped episodes, were sticking to this one. No date exactly on when the final project will be done, but expect an early 2009 release.

As you may already tell, the new look is feeling good. Expect this one to be 20,000 times better than the pilot. Check out the Special if you haven't...its got some really interesting and kick ass things on it. So for now, I'll try and keep this updated as much as possible.

Addicts 2 Special...Its just a 'sneak peek' thing.


2007-10-18 23:51:11 by Next-Project

Well, what are you waiting for?


We finally got this thing done! Took me like 2 months to do it! Check out this picture from the episode!


New stuff

2007-08-28 12:55:09 by Next-Project

Well some updates, the short is completed as many of you may have noticed. Some of the voices got done for the pilot, finishing them up really soon. Then its on to stuff. Then animation, so on and so forth.

I hope many of you liked the short, I only made it because it's been taking forever to get these guys to do the voices for the pilot (busy schedules), and I wanted to just pop something out by myself. It's loosley based off a real story, The Bev really was passed out in the bathroom. Haha. Im thinking of making DVD like look to the short with some commentary and some extra stuff about it there.

The final pilot episode will be most likely done with a DVD menu and shit to it. I CANNOT wait to get this started! Hella sweet. Anyways here's a pic I just got done making of us, which came out great in my eyes.

That's about it for now, I think I've covered the basics up to this point! Enjoy the short!

New stuff

Addicts Cartoon Coming Soon...

2007-07-21 01:36:10 by Next-Project

Just about two years later, I have started production on a brand new series titled, "Addicts". My last attempt at a series was called "Channel 13", which debuted in September 2005 was pretty much a flop. I only made one episode and decided in the end I didn't want to keep it going. However the year now is 2007, and right around the same time of the year Addicts will be born.

The series is based off my life and friends that I have bonded with the past two years of being away. Set in the great state of Michigan, four friends who love to party get together on crazy true life experiences. Where it is partying until dawn or shooting the shit, this series is sure to have some flavor.

You got me (CB), the 23 year old who is the oldest and most mature one of the group who still loves to have fun and party, but still is trying to find how he is supposed to be a good responsible adult. Then there is The Bev. Bev is the 20 year old college boy who loves the game 'Beer Pong'. Mainly the more emotional character of the group. Then there is CB's Cousin KT. Real name Kyle Turley, but who is known as the 'Pretty boy' party animal. Drinks a lot of beer, plays a lot of Beer Pong, and always trying to look impressive. Last but not least, there is Randy. Mr. Handrinos is the hardcore, adrenaline junkie, and tough ass motherfucker of everyone. He will always try to out drink, outsmart, and be the cockiest asshole around.

With all these characters and more to come, every story told is true. Maybe bent the truth a little bit for more of a 'spice', but the facts are there.

The Pilot is written, some art is done, and the voices are awaiting to be started. I am so looking forward to entertaining you and hopefully you will get a laugh and kick out of this as I know we all have in real life.

We're coming! I know your an addict too, so you know this is gotta be something to look forward to.

Addicts Myspace

Addicts Cartoon Coming Soon...